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IWEP SB RAS incorporates Head Office (Barnaul), the Novosibirsk Branch (Novosibirsk), Gorno-Altaisk Branch (Gorno-Altaisk), Kemerovo laboratory of geo-ecological systems modeling (joint with ICT SB RAS).

Research Units

Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology

Dr.Vladimir V. Kirillov (Ph.D),

Associate Professor,

Head of the laboratory

The laboratory is engaged in carrying out the complex studies on spatial-temporal organization of biohydrocenosis in the Ob river basin and Ob-Irtysh interfluvial area, biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems at the citogenetic, species, biocenotic and ecosystem level.

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Laboratory of Water Resources Management

Dr. Irina Rybkina (Ph.D)

 Associate Professor,

Head of the laboratory

The Laboratory of Water Resources Management, hereinafter referred to as "Laboratory", was established by order ╣ 347 of 18.12.2015. MAJOR GOALS & TRENDS OF RESEARCH are study of water resources, assessment of water availability, assessment of water safety of regions, ecological assessment of water-economic projects, geoinformation-cartographic modelling. The study and evaluation of water resources of Siberia are conducted in collaboration with other research units.

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Laboratory of Biogeochemistry

Professor Alexander V. Puzanov (Dr Sc.),

Head of the laboratory

The laboratory deals with the biogeochemistry research of macro- and microelements, natural and artificial radionuclides and the assessment of environmental impact of space-rocket activity.

The laboratory includes a group of reservoirs and coastal morpholithogenesis.

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Laboratory of Hydrology and Geoinformatics

Alexander T. Zinoviev (Dr Sc.),

 Head of the laboratory

The researchers of the laboratory study the formation of water and hydrochemical runoff in river basins, develop methods for the assessment and forecasting of quantity and quality of surface and groundwater, develop and improve the GIS methods for mathematical modeling of hydrophysical and hydrological processes and create modeling and geographic information systems for nature protection purposes.

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Laboratory of Landscape-Water-Ecological Research and Nature Management

Bella A.Krasnoyarova (Dr Sc.),

Head of the laboratory

The major goal of research is the development of scientific bases for environmental protection and nature management with due regard for natural preconditions and limitations, landscape differentiation and climate changes using the methods of physical and economic geography and information technology.

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Laboratory of Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Physics

Professor A.Romanov (Dr Sc.),

Head of the laboratory

The laboratory is involved in the complex studies of emission sources and atmospheric processes effect on the air quality, microphysical characteristics of tropospheric aerosol at the territory with various natural-climatic conditions as well as the peculiarities of energy and mass exchange between the underlying surface and the atmosphere in natural and transformed geosystems.

Chemical-Analytical Center

Tatyana S. Papina (Dr Sc.),

Head of the Center.

The Chemical-Analytical Center is accredited for technical competence and independence by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. The Center specialists perform the analysis of toxic elements, minerals, organic and biogenic substances in the environmental objects (surface, underground and potable water, precipitation, soil, biotic objects), study the pollutants behavior and transformation in aquatic ecosystems and carries out the glaciochemical studies of high-altitude glaciers of Altai for paleoclimate reconstruction and air pollution assessment in Central Asia.

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Novosibirsk Branch of IWEP SB RAS

Nadezda I. Ermolaeva PhD , Head of the Branch

The Branch specialists perform the analysis and assessment of hydrological and ecological state of water objects, develop mathematical models of hydrophysical and hydrochemical processes in water objects and carry out the analysis and mathematical modelling of the extreme hydrological events.

Novosibirsk Branch incorporates a Group of RAS Advisor, Laboratory of hydrophysical and environmental processes, Center for aquatic field research. 

Gorno-Altaisk Branch of IWEP SB RAS

Dr. Sc. Olga A. Elchininova,

Head of the Branch

The Branch deals with the analysis and estimation of natural-climatic conditions and resources of Mountain Altai, monitoring and forecast of perspective development of mineral-raw material resources including water for drinking and economic purposes, development of models for sustainable development of mountain territories under modern socio-economic and natural conditions.

Laboratory of Ecological Systems Modelling (Kemerovo)

Evgeny L. Schaslivtsev (Dr.Sc)

The laboratory conducts comprehensive research on monitoring, assessment and prediction of geo-ecological state of the coal-mining areas based on modern GIS technologies.

The Institute has two research stations:

  • The Kyzyl-Ozek research station (soil-biological) in Republic of Altai.
  • The Low-Ob research station (hydrological-hydrochemical and hydrobiological) in Tyumen oblast.




1,Molodyoznaya St., Barnaul 656038,
Altai Krai, Russia

Phone: (3852) 66-64-60
Fax: (3852) 24-03-96