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Basic research and projects

The goal and subject of the scientific activity of IWEP is the realization of fundamental, research and applied scientific work in the field of water and biological resources that is aimed at obtaining and practicing new knowledge on the issues of environment conservation and rational nature management. The major trends of research are the following:

  • water resources of Siberia: formation, monitoring and use (based on the basin approach);
  • development of scientific bases for environment protection and rational nature management with due regard for anthropogenic factors and climate change

The main directions of research comply with the item "Rational nature management" in the "Priority directions for the development of science, technology and engineering" and the item "Technology for monitoring and forecasting the state of environment, prevention and elimination of pollution" in the "List of Critical technologies of the Russian Federation" (approved by the RF Presidential Decree dated July 7, 2011 No. 899).

In accordance with the research plan, in 2017, the Institute started activity on the five "basic" state-financed scientific projects of fundamental research within the framework of the Programs of fundamental research of SB RAS for 2017-2020 (0383-2016-0001 - 0383-2016-0005) in the frame of the following directions of the Program of fundamental scientific research of National Academies of Sciences:

Direction 134. Inland surface and ground water - resources and quality, the processes of formation, dynamics and mechanisms of natural and anthropogenic changes; the strategy of water supply and water management:

0383-2016-0001 "Biogeochemical characteristics of terrestrial ecosystems in river basins of Siberia and their influence on the quality of natural waters", scientific supervisors - A.V. Puzanov, Dr. Sci. in Biology, Yu. I. Vinokurov, Dr. Sci. in Geography;

0383-2016-0002 "Study of hydrological and hydrophysical processes in water bodies and watersheds of Siberia and their mathematical modeling for water policy and water conservation", scientific supervisor - A. T. Zinoviev, Dr. Sci. in Technical Science;

0383-2016-0003 "Spatial-temporal organization of water ecosystems and assessment of impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the formation of hydrobiocenoses and quality of surface waters of the Ob basin and Ob-Irtysh interfluve", scientific supervisor - V. V. Kirillov,   Ph. D in Biology;

0383-2016-0004 "Formation and development of natural and natural-economic systems of the South of Western Siberia under global and regional climatic changes and anthropogenic impact", scientific supervisors - B. A. Krasnoyarova, Dr. Sci. in Geography, D. V. Chernykh, Dr. Sci. in Geography. 

Direction 135. Physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, including the ionosphere and the Earth magnetosphere, the cryosphere and on the Earths surface; mechanisms of formation and the current change of climate, landscapes, glaciation and permafrost soil:

0383-2016-0005 "Climatic and environmental changes and regional peculiarities of their manifestation in Siberia according to paleoarchives and precipitation", scientific supervisor - T. S. Papina, Dr. Sci. in Chemistry.  

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Altai Krai, Russia

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