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We invite you to participate in the XII international scientific conference "Natural conditions, history and culture of Western Mongolia and adjacent regions" organized by Khovd State University, Mongolia and Tomsk State University, Russia.

The International Symposium "Water Resources and Water Use Problems" organized by Khovd State University, Mongolia and Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Russia will be held In the framework of the conference. The information on the Symposium is attached.

The conference goals:

The conference provides an exchange of views on topical research problems of Western Mongolia and its contiguous regions as well as identification of prospects for future activities related to modern scientific and technical progress.

Date and venue of the Conference and Symposium:

September 18-21, 2015. Khovd State University, Khovd, Mongolia.

Major topics:

  • Natural environment and environmental management

 Preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity

  • Issues of natural science and scientific-technical progress
  • The problems of archaeology and ethnography
  • The history of the peoples of the region
  • Issues of culture and education
  • Language and literature of peoples of the region
  • Socio-economic development of the region


will be held on August 24-28, 2015 at the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia.

 Major topics:

Biogeochemistry of macro-, microelements and radionuclides, their global and local cycles;

Local and global issues of biosphere technogenesis and its taxa;

Biogeochemistry of water ecosystems;  

Problems of environmental regulation of toxicant load on the environment, new methodological approaches to biogeochemical monitoring;

Biogeochemical problems in medicine;

Trace elements in cattle breeding;

Trace elements in plant cultivation. Creation and application of micronutrients, containing trace elements;  

Biogeochemistry of soil. Problems and prospects of remediation and phytoremediation of contaminated soils of anthropogenic landscapes;

Multiple biogeochemical mapping and zoning;

Biogeochemical Arctic issues;

Methods for determination of chemical elements and their compounds in natural and man-made objects;

Professional development of specialists in the field of biogeochemistry, perfection of teaching of fundamental biogeochemistry and researchers training.

The Second Russian Scientific Conference with international participation will be held on August 25 to 29, 2014 at the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia.

Major topics

  • Formation of lands water resources prone to anthropogenic impact;
  • Theoretical and applied aspects of environmental assessment and monitoring of natural and natural-anthropogenic complexes;
  • Rational nature management and environmental protection under climate change; transboundary water and environmental problems of Siberia and Central Asia and water resources management


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Altai Krai, Russia

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